Soon to be published, a book and DVD on the history, technology and adventures of the pioneer steamboats of the Upper Great Lakes.




Raymond Massey

The book itself will contain a history, profile, perspective, ships lines,
engine design and explantation of each of these early steamboats from the
Walk in the Water in 1818 to the radically new Ohio in 1830. Twelve years
of rapid advancement, in which time eleven steam boats were placed on the
Upper Great Lakes. Each boat was an experiment and advancement as
naval architects and engineers struggled to find a design that could safely
handle the commerce yet survive the vicious storms of these freshwater seas.
This book also contains a full illustration and explanation of the steam engines
used in these early steamboats. Four basic engine designs; the Cross Head,
Beam Engine, Western River Engine, and Oscillating Engine were used on
these steamboats. Another facet of this book are the aerial perspectives of the villages that are destined to become the great cities of today. Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago and others are shown through the magic of 3D.
Lastly are the oils and sketchs of the author as he brings to life these
exciting and pivotal moments in American history.

The book also comes with a DVD containing a documentary which
tells and shows the war between the village of Buffalo and Black Rock These
two antagonists would be the cradle for the first five boats on the Lakes.
Also on the DVD are animated 3D models of these early steam engines with
full explanations of how they worked. Lastly the DVD contains rotating 3D
models of each steamboat so that the viewer can see for himself the
uniqueness of each of these boats.

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