The signing of Jay’s Treaty in 1795 brought the American Revolution to its legal conclusion. By the terms of this treaty the British flag was replaced by the American flag from Oswego on Lake Ontario to Fort Mackinac on Lake Huron . These same flags with their soldiers, guns and loyalist settlers were moved to newly constructed fortifications not far distant on the British side of the border. Thus from Oswego, the British moved to Kingston Ontario, from Fort Niagara they moved across the Niagara River to a new Fort George, and from Detroit they moved to a new fort at Amherstburg. These lands that came into American possession in 1796 were almost total wiilderness. The forest still ruled supreme from the farms in eastern New York State to the far off prairies. The military posts were more or less to prove national title and to protect the fur trade. The next decade would bring great changes to all this as hard working men and women would come to seek that better life.
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